Where are Climate Control products printed?

All our products are printed in either California or North Carolina. This allows us to lessen the distance our product need to travel, reducing our carbon emissions.

How are Climate Control products printed?

We print all our products on demand using water-based inks in order to reduce both waste and overhead. This allows us to donate even more money to charity.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

All orders should be fulfilled within 7 days although most will ship much quicker than that. After that, it all just depends on the USPS.

Is there a brick and mortar location?

For now, there are no brick and mortar locations where Climate Control clothing can be purchased.

What organizations have Climate Control donated to?

Climate Control has donated to Living Lands & Waters, The Nature Conservancy, and The Wildlife Center of Virginia. We hope to donate to many more organizations in the future!

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